3-2 Header Without Smog Fittings 1977-78 (280Z)


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Performance Exhaust Overview: A performance engine is an integrated affair. When you modify one set of components, you have an effect on other systems. On a mildly modified engine, a minor upgrade in either the cam specs, exhaust system, or intake can be done independently. For performance, camshafts work best when integrated with upgrades in the exhaust and intake. The exhaust system is probably the first area to improve on any engine, because this will only enhance future modifications. The study of Physics tells us that we usually can't get "something for nothing", but when adding headers and improved exhaust components to an engine, we almost do. The improved exhaust flow and velocity derived from tubular headers and free flowing mufflers is one of the only modifications you can make to an engine which will improve both power and fuel economy. Description: Our "MOTORSPORT" headers are built especially to our strict specifications for top performance. MOTORSPORT headers are our best headers in overall performance, and are especially important for high-revving engines with large camshafts. The 1 1/2" diameter primary tubes are equal length to help keep your cylinders balanced, which is a key to proper performance of high rpm engines. The collector is straight 2 1/2" diameter to the flange. The thick main exhaust flange is flat machined to promote a consistent seal to the cylinder head. It also prevents warping and eliminates the need for spacer height modifications. Exhaust ports have high-quality welds to ensure leak-free performance. Special installation gaskets are included (do not use original equipment type exhaust gaskets with headers). This header configuration is for original 1977-1978 cylinder heads with "round" exhaust ports only. Model Restrictions: This header fits Manual Transmission models only. For original 77-78 "round port exhaust" cylinder heads only