Holley Premium Electric Fuel Pump for Carbureted Vehicles


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 This high capacity pump will outflow the standard mechanical unit, making it ideal for performance or stock applications. It may be used alone, or along with the o.e.m. pump. For carbureted cars only.
  • Flows 97 GPH (free flow), Flows 71 GPH at 4 PSI.
  • Maximum pressure is 7 PSI, regulator is not required.
  • Motor draws only 2 Amps current.
  • Provides constant fuel flow with no pulsation.
  • Has externally accessible pressure relief valve (max. 7 PSI).
  • Rotor/Vane pump design is more tolerant of contaminated fuels.
  • New lower housing casting for enhanced flow and quieter operation.
  • Weighs only 2.88 lbs., Includes mounting bracket.
  • Not for use with fuel injection systems.
  • 7-1/2 Amp fuse recommended.
  • Helps relieve vapor locking issues from mechanical fuel pumps.
If you are replacing your mechanical fuel pump with this unit, we recommend also purchasing one of our fuel block off plates for the factory pump