Headliner, Pillar & Roof Rail Kit 1974-78 (260Z / 280Z) 2+2 Models Only

Datsun Garage

This complete kit includes the headliner, windshield pillar and roof rail vinyl (both sides), foam, and high-strength adhesive. For 2+2's only. This kit is a direct replacement for all 74-76 models, which had foam padding and vinyl on the windshield "A" pillars and roof rails from the factory. Nissan switched to panels that were held in with screws for 77-78 models. Unfortunately, Nissan has since discontinued these panels. This kit will still work on 77-78 models because it fits in place of the factory panels on 77-78 models, and therefore does not require them. The foam glues directly to the pillars and roof (and the vinyl to the foam) with the provided spray adhesive (see shipping restrictions below). Replacement panels are not included with this kit, as they are not needed for installation

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