Front Speaker Panels and Speakers 1970-73 (240Z)


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One of the most common complaints about early Z cars is the sound system. Z owners have been trying to find the best way to improve the sound in their Z's for a long time, usually by hacking into the factory door panels or kick panels.  These panels are the perfect solution, and this bundle includes the speakers! These custom Speaker Panels are thermo formed from rigid 1/8" ABS, have a "textured" satin black finish, and pre-cut holes for 5 1/4" speakers. They fit in place of your original kick panels, and require no modifications to the car (therefore if you wanted at a later date to re-install the original kick panels, they would bolt right back in). The panels are held in place using the hood release bracket & screws on the driver's side, the relay bracket & screws on the passenger side (both original kick panels also utilize these same screws). Both panels are designed to allow the speaker wiring to be run without interfering with the panel. Both panels are low profile, allowing clearance for the factory footrest and aftermarket air conditioning evaporators. This bundle includes both Driver's and Passenger's side Front Speaker Panels, and speakers. Speakers: This bundle includes our Retrosound low profile speakers. Note that holes for the speaker mounting are not pre-drilled, allowing you flexibility in exactly how you want to position them. Note: These panels are patterned after the original kick panels, but were not intended to be identically shaped reproductions with speakers, they are custom speaker panels. You can see images of the kick panels in Related Items below. Variances: Some early Z's, like our 71 240Z, may have additional parts that are "bolted" through the original kick panels (a small relay on the driver's side in our case). While you could simply drill a small hole in these panels to use to attach such items, we found it easier to simply relocate the relay to another nearby mounting screw. Just take a look at your kick panels first to know if you will need any minor adjustments.