Fiberglass Hood Vents/Scoops 1970-78 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z)


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Developed as an alternative to the 77-78 factory hood vents, these great looking hand-laid fiberglass vents fit into the original recesses in the 77-78 hood, and can be bolted (bolts included), bonded, riveted, or taped into place. They are sold in pairs, and can be retrofitted onto all other Z cars (size approximately 16x7"), just give us a call for more information about retrofitting.

When idling, the cowl vents provide an excellent path for exiting heat. When moving they actually cause a flow of air past the engine and out below the engine. This cooling effect helps prevent vapor lock, reduces intake charge temperature rise, and protects injectors, sensors, wiring, and plastic connectors from heat fatigue. They also protect against water intrusion better than the factory vents.