Deck Lid Panel 1971.5-78 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z) Coupe Only

Seatz Manufacturing

Now you can replace your old, worn out deck lid panel with our new high-quality reproduction panel. It’s made with a premium colored vinyl and includes the board backing. The deck lid panel attaches to the bottom of the tailgate. On early 71 240Z's, the deck lid panel had two vents incorporated into the material. This panel is for late 71 240Z's through the 78 280Z, and has no vents. While these panels could be affixed to the rear hatch with adhesive (which may make future removal for access to hatch hardware more difficult) as opposed to the original screws and washers, we recommend following the original design for best results. While the holes in the rear backing of this panel should match almost all Factory Rear Hatches within a normal tolerance, we have found that in some cases, the hole pattern in the Rear Hatch is off slightly, due to welding irregularities. So first test fit the panel to make sure the holes line up close enough for the screws. Then, using an Awl, simply punch from the top a small hole in the outer material (be sure not to rip sideways, and to punch from the top material towards the backing) to match the pre-cut hole in the backing that you already tested the fit on. In rare cases, if your Z Hatch is one of the oddballs that are slightly off of this pattern, you may have to elongate a hole or two slightly in the backing to accommodate, but since the outer surface won't be pierced until you have checked, it should always end up looking like the first one. Let us know if you have any questions.

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