CSR Electric Water Pump 1970-83 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z / 280ZX)


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Replace your belt-driven water pump with this awesome electric unit! Electric water pumps allow you to do away with the cumbersome fan blade and clutch assemly, allowing for larger radiators and more options for electric fans. Changing from these heavy, belt-driven components frees engine horsepower as well, since each pulley that the engine turns robs horsepower. This means more power that your engine already makes can apply where it belongs: at the rear wheels. Wiring is easy with the simple, 2-wire lead that can be run to any switched (after ignition) power source. The custom made billet mounting plate ensures a perfect fit, and new high strength bolts are included. We also include a new gasket and the proper length belt you will need for the alternator. Includes:
  • Electric Water Pump with 2 wire connector
  • Billet Mounting Plate
  • High Strength Bolt Set
  • New Water Pump Gasket (Not shown)
  • New correct length Alternator Belt (Not shown)
Note: Since the factory fan and clutch assembly cannot be used with an electric water pump, an electric fan will be required in order to use this pump. Attention Racers! You can add a manual switch to this pump (not included) for after-race engine cool down! Additional wiring required (not included).