Corbeau Camlock 5-Point Harness


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Color: Black

Years of research and design have resulted in the development of Corbeau Camlock 5-point harnesses. These harnesses are SFI 16.1 approved. Rules state that SFI approved harnesses must be replaced every two years. At that rate, spending over 200 dollars for a belt that has to be replaced every two years can get very expensive. With Corbeau, you get an affordable product that's money well spent. Corbeau Camlock 5-point harnesses feature a quick release camlock dial and use either bolt-in or wrap around mounting points. With the camlock belt, the right lap belt remains locked and the other four straps disengage when turning the dial. These harnesses utilize light weight pull down adjusters making them simple to adjust. Corbeau three inch harness pads are also recommended for extra padding and to prevent the shoulder straps from rubbing your neck.

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