Corbeau 4-Point Harness


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Corbeau 4-point harnesses are an affordable way to upgrade your vehicle to harness belts. As with all Corbeau harness belts the lap belts bolt to your factory bolt hole locations. The plus to this is these factory bolt holes have been tested by the OEM and are the safest way to install your harness belts. With a 4-point harness belt, the two shoulder straps go over your shoulders and through the harness slots in your seats. After they go through the harness slots these straps then mount in the rear area of your vehicle. For added comfort, each harness belt is made with a pressure-reducing waist pad. Corbeau 4-point harnesses come with either bolt-in or snap-in mounting. With bolt-in mounting, the ends of the straps bolt to your mounting locations. With snap-in mounting, eye bolts are included that bolt to your mounting locations. The ends of your harness straps then snap to those eye bolts.


* Available in a variety of colors.
* These belts are intended for off-highway use.
* In many cases Corbeau belts meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), but they are not FMVSS-approved. You purchase and use them at your own risk.