Carbon Fiber Smooth Cowl Panel 1970-78 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z)


The cowl panel is an often overlooked part when it comes to customizing the exterior of early Z-Cars. For those who plan to exclusively show and/or track their cars, we have come up with a slick alternative to the factory appearance. This carbon fiber panel does away with the grille openings in the original cowl panel but keeps the openings for the wipers. The result is a smooth, clean appearance that is truly unique! It installs using your factory screws and cowl panel receivers. These cowl panels are strictly for show-only or race-only vehicles. On street vehicles, the vent/heat/defrost blower system obtains air through the grille openings in the stock Cowl Panel. Since this "Show" Cowl Panel was created without grille openings (i.e. "smooth"), the internal air circulation system will NOT be functional. Not only will Heating and Air Conditioning not function, if you needed to clear a foggy or frosty windshield, the Defroster system WILL NOT FUNCTION, leaving driving on the street unsafe, and perhaps in some areas, even illegal (please check your local vehicle safety laws).

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