BRE Datsun Mirror Kit 1970-78 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z)


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Peter Brock's favorite mirrors are now available for Datsun 240-280Zs! Our mirror kit includes the right and left side mirrors and all the hardware you need to mount them, including backing plates that provide additional strength under the skin of the door. They are delivered in black. If you wish to paint them, paint the body of them only (not the stalk) for the most stylish look. Peter Brock's opinion of these mirrors: Situational awareness in a vehicle is paramount no matter if you're driving on the street or the track. A key component to knowing where you are vs everything, and everyone, else around you, is side mirrors. Mirror position on any automobile is a highly subjective matter that requires more than a little planning. This is not, contrary to popular opinion, primarily a matter of aesthetics; it's a matter of function. How something works, like any item on a car designed to be driven, has to be the priority. A set of functional mirrors that don't make a driver "hunt" to find where competitors may be around him/her, can easily give the driver a second on the track. So bear with me here a moment and you'll understand why these mirrors I've selected for the Zs are pretty hot. Aerodynamic efficiency has always been something I felt was important; not just for speed but for fuel efficiency as well as comfort in the form of lessened wind noise. These mirrors are aero-efficient because the mirror housings sit well away from the car's surface so they create minimal disturbance to the boundary layer. The thin supporting "stalk" is carefully airfoil shaped to significantly reduce drag over a simple, less expensive, round tube. Appreciate this small but very significant detail. These things really work! Conventional automotive mirrors are usually mounted next to the car's body surface which almost doubles their drag because the air that packs up between the mirror housing and the mounting surface cannot squeeze under the mirror which creates a large area of turbulence. about twice the size of the frontal area of the mirror! Don't think drag is important- even in something as small as a mirror housing? Think about this: Aerodynamic drag goes up by the square as velocity doubles. So conventional mirrors may not create a lot of drag at street speeds, but double that speed and you've created four times the drag. The convex shape of the reflective surfaces of these new mirrors is also a tremendous improvement in rearward viewing area over a traditional flat surfaced mirror. Couple that with the fact that they are now being placed outside the body's frontal area envelope and the rearward vision (around the rear fenders) is improved tremendously over the stock mirrors. The other advantages: They are light, strong and perfectly proportioned to the Z's slender and small size. Most modern automotive mirrors are designed for larger automobiles so they look oversized if mounted on a Z. Believe me- I looked at hundreds of possibilities before selecting these mirrors. Esthetics may have been one of the last items on my list of priorities but that still doesn't mean it wasn't important. With these mirrors you get it all! Peter Brock