BRE Brock-Designed Rear Spoiler 1970-78 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z)


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When BRE created their own BRE Tribute 240Z, Peter Brock couldn't help himself and had to design a new and improved rear spoiler. This new Peter Brock spoiler is designed with slightly more height and width than the original, to add increased downforce for track action. It also looks pretty sweet for any Tribute car as it extends out perfectly to the edges of the upper paint color as seen on BRE's 240Z Tribute car here. Same as with the original 240Z spoiler we offer, this spoiler has 6 mounting points to ensure a secure fit. If downforce for improved rear traction at speed is a priority (competition use) then this newly designed spoiler is recommended BUT it will not improve overall handling and performance unless a front air-dam is also fitted. IMPORTANT NOTE to all Z owners: Any rear spoiler will add downforce to the rear of a Z so it is IMPERITIVE that some aerodynamic balancing, to improve front downforce, be added to the car if a rear spoiler is mounted. If no compensating front downforce is added to a Z equipped with either of the rear spoilers we offer the car will feel "light" in the front end at speed. BRE recommends mounting a BRE front "spook" (front air dam) as the best solution to compensate the effect of a rear spoiler. The result will be a car that handles much better than a stock Z. Which spoiler, original or new design, is best for you: The original version is easily identified by the two vertical ribs on the forward edge of the spoiler and the flat spot on the backside where the Datsun decal would be placed. The original spoiler was designed to provide slight downforce on the rear of the 240Z while aiding airflow over the car. It is suitable for all street driven 240Zs. If fuel efficiency is a priority we recommend the original spoiler as it enhances airflow over the car. If on-track speed or a more elegant look are your priority, the newly designed spoiler is the way to go. IN ANY CASE, REMEMBER you need to counter the rear downforce of a spoiler with a front air-dam (spook) on the front.
NOTE: When ordering carbon fiber parts, please allow 4-6 weeks for creation and delivery. NOTE: These are quality BRE parts, however, they are as they come out of the mold and as with any fiberglass part require preparing (example: sanding) for paint.

Concerning carbon fiber weave pattern:
Carbon fiber in BRE products is hand-laid so there may be variance and inconsistency in the weave pattern as seen in the photos below. This example is within their QC standards. Any exchanges due to inconsistencies in the carbon fiber weave pattern will be considered on a case-by-case basis by BRE.

Variance in carbon fiber weaveVariance in BRE Carbon Fiber parts