Bomex/DG Fiberglass Type-V Rear Spoiler 1970-78 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z) Coupe Only


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The Bomex / Datsun Garage Type-V Rear Spoiler is made in the same design as the Victory and BRE Spoilers but with more surface area for more downforce!  Like all Bomex manufactured products, the Type-V rear spoiler is made of lightweight, high quality fiberglass (see related items below for Carbon Fiber), and comes ready for prep and painting. It bolts on to the deck the same as the BRE and Victory spoiler does and does not interfere with the lock. MADE IN THE USA! (Designed and built in Los Angeles, California) Safety Note: The Type-V rear spoiler should not be used at racing speeds without the use of a front air dam