Black Interior Vinyl Replacement Kit 1975-78 (280Z)

Seatz Manufacturing

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This reproduction vinyl kit is a great match to the original look and colors. It includes the Shock Tower & Wheel House Trims in Black. Expedited Shipping Restrictions: This kit includes an aerosol can of spray adhesive. Aerosol items can NOT be shipped by air mail (like FedEx Priority or 2 Day Air Shipments). We strongly recommend sending this package by ground service shipment. To ship overseas, or if you request an expedited domestic air shipment for this kit, we are required to remove the aerosol can from the shipment. While the manufacturer includes the adhesive at no extra charge, as a courtesy your final order will receive a reduced shipping fee to help cover the cost of purchasing adhesive locally (this reduction will not be shown in your online order). You can find automotive-grade spray adhesives at most local automotive stores. Please note that only automotive-grade, high-temperature spray adhesive will successfully bond these types of materials.