Autometer 4889


Bright anodized bezels, polished pointers, race proven movements and real carbon fiber dials set this series apart. CARBON FIBER SERIES; SPEEDOMETER; ELECTRIC, AIR-CORE MOVEMENT; INCL BULB & SOCKET 3220; INCL LIGHT COVERS RED 3214 & GREEN 3215; INCL MOUNTING HARDWARE BRACKET INCLUDED Bezel Color: Bright Anodized Bezel Style: Super Bezel Cup/Hole Size: 4-5/8" (127mm) Cup/Hole Size (Metric): 117.5mm Cup/Hole Size (Standard): 4-5/8in Dial Color: Carbon Fiber Lens Style: Flat Clear Lighting Color: White Incandescent Lighting Type: Incandescent Movement: Electric Air-Core Outer Bezel Diameter: 4-15/16in Outer Bezel Diamter: 4-15/16" Pointer Color: Silver Range: 0-160 MPH Size: 5" (127mm) Size (Metric): 127mm Size (Standard): 5in

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