Autometer 3967


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An industry icon since the 1970's, our Sport-Comp gauges reinvented performance gauges as we know it. A clean, easy to read design, highly ruggedized movements built to withstand sportsman competition. A purpose built line of gauges designed and built to accomplish the singular mission of providing the most accurate information possible to the driver. At home on the street as they are on the track, the timeless design is the finishing touch to set off any serious build. SPORT-COMP SERIES; PEDESTAL TACHOMETER; ELECTRIC, AIR-CORE MOVEMENT; INCL BULB & SOCKET 3219; INCL MOUNTING BRACKET Bezel Color: Brushed Aluminum Bezel Style: Super Bezel Cup/Hole Size: 3-7/16" (111.13mm) Cup/Hole Size (Metric): 111.13mm Cup/Hole Size (Standard): 3-7/16in Dial Color: Black Lens Style: Flat Clear Lighting Color: White Incandescent Lighting Type: Incandescent Movement: Electric Air-Core Outer Bezel Diameter: 4-15/16in Outer Bezel Diamter: 4-15/16" Pointer Color: Fluorescent Red Range: 0-11 000 RPM Size: 5" (127mm) Size (Metric): 127mm Size (Standard): 5in