Aftermarket Radiator Shroud 1970-73 (240Z)


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Radiator shrouds help keep your engine cooler in traffic. This reproduction of the heavy, factory-option metal unit is made of lightweight fiberglass. This piece helps eliminate the "in traffic" overheating problems common to the 240Z's. Fan Blade Note: This shroud will only work with 240Z style fans (metal or plastic 7-blade units). Later model plastic 8-blade fans will not work with this shroud. If you have installed a later model engine in your 240Z and wish to use this shroud, you will need to purchase a plastic 7-blade fan (see Related Items below). Customization Note: Like our fiberglass body parts, this piece is covered by an outer "gel-coat", which is designed to protect the fiberglass. You can install the shroud as is; however, for the best possible look we recommend properly painting it (prep, prime, and paint) since it is normal for gel-coats to have scratches and imperfections in them as they are not finish coats. Doing this will also allow you customize the shroud's color to match your engine bay!