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Colin Project


My mission is to revive Japanese car scene and reissue Fukuoka Spec lowriders while enjoying it together with the fans and further promote it.
Most importantly, I want people across the globe to have fun with it and I want to bring and see their smiles.

Letʼs explore and have fun with the most fascinating Fukuoka Spec Rims for your custom rides.
Vision: To become the world leader in rims for custom rides.
Mission: To share information about the hottest Fukuoka Spec rims with all of you in the US because we have been intrigued ever since the
beginning and we know it best.
Core Value: To revive and reissue blockbuster brands from the past with remodeled golden sizes

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This product has a clear paint on the aluminum base to give it a unique texture, so color unevenness and...